Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Linko! XXVII

We were slightly delayed this week by affairs of state, including Ben and Megan's super awesome wedding, but that means Linko! is again going to be jam-packed this week (though Friday's may end up sucking for it). I'm constantly wondering how many of you actually read through this whole thing. I read through most of the link blogs I read, usually to my detriment. Anyway, I also did a poor job of remember where I found what this time out. Forgive me...

* Link #1 from (Ryan's Tumblr): Again, we get an example of the weird wonder that is He-Man character design. See the above piece super big and buy a print at artist Christopher Lee's site.

* Link #2: Ghostbusters is widely argued by nerds to be the greatest movie about New York City ever made, so looking over this Scouting NY post about how all the locations for the film have changed in the past 20+ years is more interesting than I think that kind of thing would usually be.

* The idea that a Colonel Sanders look alike got a tour of strictly forbidden parts of the United Nations would be funny enough, but this paragraph makes it even funnier:
Montas warned the UN could take legal action against the company, whose letter, signed by KFC president Roger Eaton, asked that the secretary general register the "Grilled Nation" of grilled chicken eaters as the 193rd UN member state.
And really I think that's why the U.N. seems so mad about this, because honestly? People get into restricted access areas of that building all the time. Hell, even I've been in restricted access areas of that building thanks to my U.N. connections (yup, I have 'em!). Though does anyone else find KFC's turning their founder into a goofy mascot a little disturbing? I've been thinking that since about ten years ago when a cartoon Colonel mascot was first used to hock Pokemon toys (wait for it). (Via)

* Best non-Stephen Shamus youtube video to come out of last week's Big Apple Con? Iceman and Deathstroke freestyle rap. (Thanks, Jill)

* This article about how thin the Secret Service has been stretched and whether or not they can properly serve all their stated rolls is both fascinating and frightening to me.

* This Pop Candy list of Top 5 Songs to listen to after being dumped was re-link worthy based on two Chris Bell appearances alone.

* Unsung Comic Book Hilarity Link: Man, there are dudes and ladies out there who are into comics and writing funny stuff about comics that work outside of comics, and some days I feel like us hardcore nerds are missing out too often. Example, you say? How about this piece from Cracked entitled If Aquaman Comics Knew How Much Aquaman Sucked? It's a good photoshop waste of 15 minutes by someone called "seanbaby" who has his own site that I never see linked to anywhere. Maybe it's just me who's missing out.


* I really should have read more Ted McKeever comics by now, as this Bookslut piece so ably proves.

* Does anyone else giggle when they hear the phrase "Starring Heather Graham as The Public Option"?

* Hey! I never talk to my friend Laura Gutierrez anymore because I'm a bad friend and lazy to boot, but it's cool when she posts videos about her awesome job in wilderness science on Facebook, you know?

* A Harlan Ellison review of Slaughterhouse Five from when the book first came out. It kills me how he uses words like "fecund."

* I've never heard of most of the social networking programs in this list of Social Media to help your small business the great Joel Rash posted, but some of them sound kind of useful.


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