Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pimping My Stuff: Marvel Holiday Spectacular

Remember that Christmas-themed Werewolf By Night story I did about a year ago with the lovely and talented Stephanie Buscema for the Marvel Digital Holiday Special? Most consider it the greatest Christmas-themed Werewolf By Night story of all time, so I'd imagine you do.

Welllll...I was reading the Marvel solicits for October a few months back and imagine my surprise at reading that the Marvel Holiday Spectacular would feature a story starring none other than Jack Russell himself--Werewolf By Night! At first I was outraged that somebody was moving in on my turf, then quickly realized nobody else would ever write Werewolf By Night into a holiday special, so it was more likely my piece reprinted.

I was right.

That's right, friends: my print debut as a Marvel Comics writer is in stores now! Behind a beautiful Ed McGuinness-drawn cover with Santa Hulks is page upon page of goodness featuring not only my work, but also that of my buddies Ryan Penagos, Juan Doe, Jim McCann, Todd Nauck and others. It's a $10 squarebound monster of a magazine, but aside from what I just mentioned, it's also got classic X-Men and Spider-Man holiday stories, Deadpool's gift-giving guide, an extensive profile of Santa Claus in the Marvel Universe (with art by Art Adams!) and much, much more.

So head on down to your local comic book shop and ask for the Marvel Holiday Spectacular by name!


Brian W said...

Whoa that's awesome. that cover's pretty killer too.

HeyYoMike said...

Ben, I'm gonna work on a Nova sketch today at work while I've got some down time. I'll scan it in and email it to Rick later.

Ben Morse said...

Whoo! Thanks, man.