Friday, December 19, 2008

AIM Adventures: Misleading Title

TJ is about to tell Ben about what sounds like an awesome new TV show...

TJ: have you seen the commercials for this Bromance show?
Ben: NO
Ben: What?
TJ: it's that Brody Jenner kid
TJ: who showed up on 2 different reality shows on 2 different networks
TJ: (Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Hills)
TJ: apparently he's so lame he needs a reality show to get him a friend
TJ: it looks awful
TJ: it also brings the grand total of Laguna Beach spinoffs to 3
Ben: Fuck that
Ben: You taunt me with an awesome show title like Bromance and then hand me a Hills spinoff?
Ben: Cold, even for you
TJ: haha
TJ: blame MTV
Ben: I blame you
Ben: You could have said, "Hey, you hear about the new Hills spinoff?" and I could have said "Don't care"
Ben: But you drew me in, like a spider to its web
TJ: i saw the preview while watching a made about a fat kid who wants to do a triathalon
TJ: that's how i roll
Ben: This conversation is going on my blog. The world is going to see you for what you are.
TJ: i'm gonna be famous!
Ben: At least 12 people will know who you are
TJ: you get 12 readers? i'm jealous