Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Old School Art Attack: DCU 1994

Back when I was around 12-14, my family used to take "road trip" vacations out in the western United States, where we'd fly out, rent a car, and drive to various locations for a couple weeks. I had some good times on those vacations, but often found myself with long streatches of boredom spent in hotels, motels, etc. One thing I'd do to occupy my time was doodle away drawing DC and Marvel characters. My coup de grace in the summer of 1994 was this "beauty" depicting the post-Zero Hour DC Universe which I found when I was back home over the holidays...

Guy Gardner: Warrior! Darkstar Donna Troy! The full line-up of Extreme Justice! Fate! "Manhunter" Chase Lawler! Deathstroke the Hunted! Gunfire!!

In other words, all your favorites!

No idea why Azrael, Alan Scott and Deathstroke aren't colored. Guess I ran out of time and/or red and whatever color 'stroke's costume was back then.

I will say this: I still can't draw women all that well, but at least they don't all look like trannies now. Was that depiction of Wonder Woman 12-year old Ben's idealized vision of the female form? Yikes.

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