Monday, December 8, 2008

AIM Adventures: Watchmen #1

Ben and Rickey and talking about this week's new comic book releases...

Ben: What's the word on this Watchmen thing coming out? Look any good?
Rickey: ?
Ben: Watchmen #1 is listed as coming out this week
Rickey: oh, it's a reprint
Ben: Yeah, I kinda figured...
Rickey: oh
Rickey: then why the hell did you ask?
Rickey: tampon mouth*
Ben: I was attempting to have a joke with you
Rickey: well it back-fired didn't it
Ben: Can I post it on the blog?
Rickey: the picture of dave?
Ben: No
Ben: You should post that
Rickey: oh
Rickey: post what?
Ben: This conversation
Rickey: ah
Rickey: haha
Rickey: do it to it
Ben: Nice

*Ben came up with "tampon mouth" like a week ago. It's a sick burn.

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