Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Comic Shop Stop: Catching Up - Part One

I used to do these every week - run down what new comics I'm excited enough about that I spent monies on them. But the less I bought the last few months, the less I could post, and I just fell outta the habit. So here's the first post in a series of posts catching up on some stuff I bought since the summer ended that I wanted to share. It's all rad and I recommend it 100-and-12 percent.

From October's Wizard World New York

- 2099 A.D #1 - Clear chromium cover with art by Joe Quesada! I don't know a ton about the 2099 world, but the more important issues like this kick-off to the storyline about Dr. Doom taking over the world just scream at me. And only 50 cents!

- HOOK MOVIE ADAPTATION - Snapping up quarter-bin movie adaptations has been a ball for me lately at cons, and this one has a script, cover and a bit of interior art by Charles Vess, among others. It's so fun looking for how these differ from the films. "My God...the children..."

- DOOM PATROL #13-14 - I have the rest of this quirky series, but finally found these two issues drawn by the late Seth Fisher. Fisher only had a handful of work available when he passed away, but it's all so wonderfully bizarre and distinct, so it's a treat to find issues I never owned. Plus? Written by John Arcudi! Like Major Bummer, this series is an under-appreciated blast.

- BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #54 - Mike Mignola Batman story with the supernatural! Only a buck!

From October's New York Comic-Con

(SPECIAL NOTE: I was insanely sick at NYCC and could hardly work, much less shop. Sorry to everybody I missed or barely talked to and sorry to that CKT reader who stopped by the booth - I wasn't very energetic.)

DEATHLOK / KAMANDI / OMAC ART FROM MIKE PERKINS! - Can I tell you how amazing Mike Perkins is? The guy's got talent to burn, is mega-professional, and loves talking about great comics. All that, plus he's GOT to be one of the the nicest guys in comics. He's always smiles and positivity, and "Hey, man, it's great to see you!" So imagine my blown mind when he surprised me with this STELLAR original art portrait of 3 of my all-time favorite comic characters.
Mike, if you're reading this, you took my breath away - I literally didn't know what to say when you handed it to me. Sorry I was so sick, or I'd have hugged you way longer than would have been comfortable. You're genuinely a good friend.

RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN HC - Writer Jim McCann and artist Janet Lee had "the book of the show" in this beautiful all-ages story from Archaia Studios Press. Jim's a friend and Janet's a positive, talented-ass lady so I'm super stoked for the two of them. I see lots of awards in their futures for this gorgeous epic that's unlike anything I've ever seen.

FANGORIA #40 - With a Return of the Living Dead cover story, a Slimer poster, a feature on Night of the Comet and tons more, I couldn't pass up this old issue of Fangoria. Especially since the seller was cutting 75% off selling price!

OMAC ACTION FIGURE - I had to stop and buy some supplies for the DC Booth at K-Mart when I came into Penn Station and I stopped by the toy aisle to find THIS badboy waiting for me! I had no idea these were out and forgot they were even getting made. But I bought it right away. So, yes, I bought a comic toy at a store on my way to a large convention. Professional.

And that's it for Part One. I'll have Part Two up soon. Just wanted to say it was great running in to all my friends at the shows. More and more, I love going to the cons more to see the people I love than for the comics. Thanks Kiel, Matt, TJ & Emily, Dave, Ben, Ryan, Jim, Mike, Laura, Caleb, Anna, Mel, Cotton, Walker, Dan, Alex, Jordan, Ashley, Josh, Adam, Brett, Eric, Darren, Rick, Jonah, Paul, Jon, Aubrey, CB, Michael, and all the others I know I've forgotten to list.


HardtravelingHero said...

I enjoy these sorts of posts. They feel intimate in a way, perhaps because they aren't too long and they briefly explore items that are unique and personal to the author, which is great when thinking about how these items are produced for a mass audience, so mass that they are now a quarter, or fifty cents, maybe a dollar too.

Night of the Comet freaked me out as a kid. I think I was four when I got the huge Lego castle on Christmas and Night came on WPIX 11 and my older sisters wanted to watch it and I wanted to play with my damn castle, but could't because the comet people were too gruesome. It must have been 1985 and I was four.

I'm going to have to hunt down those Doom Patrol issues. Thanks for pointing them out and for sharing.

Jesse T. said...

Oh man, Rickey ... PLEASE tell me that Charles Vess drew Rufio in that Hook book!!!
And I didn't know Seth Fisher penciled a couple of Doom Patrol issues! Totally looking for those this weekend.
I'm glad you have so much rad OMAC shit!