Saturday, November 20, 2010

Art Attack: February 2011's Coolest Covers

Notes on the front end...

-I love Patrick Gleason's Damian.

-Fun fact: Once upon a time I almost got the scales of justice, as depicted on February's Captain America issue (albeit minus Cap and the Winter Soldier), tattooed on my shoulder. But it didn't happen.

-Cinderella has never looked so hot, I daresay. What a sentence to write...

-If he ever gets sick of Dorothy and friends, Skottie Young could draw one heckuva Uatu ongoing series.

-Iron Fist's new white variant costume is really growing on me. It suits him.

-Illuminati mini drawn by Juan Doe, anybody?

-Dustin Nguyen continues to blow my mind. As of February it would seem dude is taking on not one but two ongoing books in addition to continuing to crank out some of the best covers in the business.

-There aren't many characters I feel like Darick Robertson can't rock, but boy does Conan seem right up his alley.

-Holy crap there are Deathlok'ed super heroes in Uncanny X-Force! And Esad Ribic is doing interiors as well as the cover! I didn't realize how much my life was missing a Thing Deathlok until this week!

THE ALL-NEW BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #4 by Rick BurchettAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #655 by Marcos MartinBATMAN AND ROBIN #20 by Patrick GleasonBATWOMAN #1 by J.H. Williams IIICAPTAIN AMERICA #615 by Marko DjurdjevicCINDERELLA: FABLES ARE FOREVER #1 by Chrissie ZulloDEADPOOL #33 by Dave JohnsonDEADPOOL TEAM-UP #884 by Skottie YoungDETECTIVE COMICS #874 by Francesco FrancavillaFREEDOM FIGHTERS #6 by Dave JohnsonHAWKEYE: BLIND SPOT #1 by Mike PerkinsHELLBOY: THE SLEEPING AND THE DEAD #2 by Mike MignolaHEROES FOR HIRE #3 by Doug BraithwaiteIRON MAN 2.0 #2 variant by Marko DjurdjevicIRON MAN LEGACY #11 by Juan DoeJUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #19 by Dustin NguyenKING CONAN: THE SCARLET CITADEL #1 by Darick RobertsonS.H.I.E.L.D. #6 by Gerard ParelSPIDER-GIRL #4 by Jelena Kevic-DjurdjevicSUPERMAN 80-PAGE GIANT by Dustin NguyenTHUNDERBOLTS #153 by Greg LandULTIMATE COMICS CAPTAIN AMERICA #2 by Ron GarneyUNCANNY X-FORCE #5 by Esad RibicX-MEN LEGACY #245 by Leinil Francis YuZATANNA #10 by Stephane Roux

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