Monday, May 10, 2010

Linko! XLIV

* If there's one thing you've GOT to read in this week's Linko! it's the story of the above photo, courtesy of "the real" Jesse Thompson.

* Occasionally, people will e-mail me links. Every so often, those links are to, say, some kind of web magazine dedicated to Ben Reilly Spider-Man and the Go-Bots. All right then.

* My boy Jack Schmier pointed me towards this awesomely named Lansing power pop band called Cheap Girls.

* If you're for some reason as interested in the business side of cable TV in general and the children's programming side of that market in specific, this article on all-Hasbro network The Hub will make you go, "Damn, that was really of interest to me."

* I click through to Andrew Weiss' "Nobody's Favorites" posts every time Tom Spurgeon puts one up, but this one on Mr. Justice and this one on U.S. Agent were particularly awesome to me for being about two characters I somehow know a lot about but still really couldn't care less about.

* I have no idea why this was on the Paste Magazine website, but I'm glad it was Link: A killer roundup of comics folks from Bryan Lee O'Malley to Mike Mignola to John Romita, Jr. to Crag Thompson and so much more talk about their first ever comic book in honor of Free Comic Book Day.

* In general, I'd say my interest in video games falls somewhere in the same range as my interest in Colonial-inspired dress up dolls and getting kicked in the gonads, but one of my few gamer soft spots is for the "King's Quest" series mostly as I spent hours and hours wandering around "Kings Quest V" in middle school, beating nothing and learning less. So when I came across this article on how the owners of the brand may allow some fans who have spent years making their own "King's Quest" sequel while the property languished to officially release their personal "King's Quest IX", I read the whole thing and felt good for those people.

* Personal Favorite of Mine Link: Why Do Educated People Use Bad Words?

* Demos, my friend Slayer's place of employ, gets a nice write up in the New York Times.

* You know, I've never actually read any of these books, but I know a lot of young women around my same age have read a TON of Babysitters Club stories, and I really dug Catherine Garcia's report of meeting "BSC" author Ann M. Martin at

* OK: one other exception to the whole "I don't care about video games" rule up there is old school adventure games like LucasArts used to make, and I very much appreciate what the former Lucas guys at Telltale do in terms of storytelling. And now they're making a fucking Grickle-like game with Graham Annable? HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT.

* In case you missed it: This Adam Ant Interview is INSANE.

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