Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Best Analogies of the Week (thus far)

"Chuck gets gunned down in Crime Alley, surely soon to be born again as the billionaire crimefighter he already more or less became this episode. Nate's playing Dick Grayson to Chuck's time-lost Bruce Wayne, inheriting the Mantle of the Bass ... It's sort of like Gossip Girl Season Three Part Two was Dark Reign, the finale was Siege (with better fight choreography), and now hopefully Season Four will be the Heroic Age."

-Sean T. Collins on the Gossip Girl season finale

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i love love said...

chase is so damn hot..and chuck (wait it's not his real name)..nyaahh..i really like referring him as chuck..he's is on into the character..i have seen him in some other movies but all i see is chuck not the that mean he's only good as chuck?..but i think the hotness is within the character of chuck..or with ed..haha
- the kinky chick