Thursday, May 20, 2010

Comic Shop Stop: What I Bought This Week

Sometimes it's new stuff. Sometimes it's old stuff. Sometimes it'll be back issues or the same ol' thing I got 4 weeks ago. Whatever the case is, here's what I got at the shop this week (lemme know if you wanna borrow anything):

SATURN APARTMENTS VOL. 1 - This Viz Signature title's personal hook is that a young boy's father has died and now he'll have to take up the family vocation at an early age. The sci-fi hook is that the family vocation is window-cleaning the stellar ring of impossibly expensive apartments that now encircle the Earth since humanity evacuated it. This neato book is from writer/artist Hisae Iwaoke and it's the first manga Dave gave me a heads-up about this week...

I'LL GIVE IT MY ALL...TOMORROW VOL. 1 - ...this is the second. The plot of writer/artist Shunji Aono's tale of an unfulfilled family man who gives up his corporate career in favor of trying his hand as a manga artist really caught my attention. Also from Viz Signature, this book has the potential to break my heart.

DEATH TRAP - Lane Milburn's graphic novella first came to my attention when Sean reviewed it, and I'd planned on borrowing it from him down the line before a flip-thru in the store yesterday showed me something that prompted me to get it. That THING was a group of kids getting brutally murdered by a clan of nightmare-demon monsters. Maybe it was the nuts amount of '80s horror DVDs I've bought over the last week (more on that here SOON), but I felt more compelled to pick this up today than ever before.

STITCHING TOGETHER - I dunno a whole lot about Jim Henson, the man, but I've kinda always wanted to know more about how the ideas for the kinds of sprawling, genius designs and concepts he developed were birthed. This mini from Ed Choy Moorman (the above image is of a prior version of the book I bought – click here for info on its new printing and name-change) looks like it zooms in on intimate, specific scenes and the individual moments inspirations may have sparked for Henson as a young boy. Side note: Tom Hanks should produce a Henson bio directed by Ron Howard. Yeah, I said it.

HENRY & GLEN FOREVER - I didn't realize this was an anthology of 1-page gags featuring mostly cute, tongue-bursting-through-cheek depictions of rock icons Henry Rollins and Glen Danzig when I first heard about it here. I just thought it was a Tom Neely joint through and through. Even though I was mistaken and even though I don't really know dick about the music these bros created, I still giggled while flipping through. Go get it!Link

(Quick disclaimer: I borrow a LOT of stuff from Ben each week from Marvel, so I don't always buy single issues of the Marvel books. And I get everything from DC, WildStorm, Vertigo, and Zuda for free, so I never really buy anything from them unless I'm picking up for somebody else. So don't take my exclusion of DC stuff as a sign that the books aren't good enough to buy. They are. So there.)


Ben Morse said...

On board for the Henson bio pic.

Rickey said...

I'm thinking it needs to be 3 hours. Written by Lawrence Kasdan.

Ben Morse said...

I'd also like to borrow that Kermit comic.

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