Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So...Um...I Got Promoted?


So an interview Jonah Weiland and I did with Dan Didio just went up on CBR, which I think is supposed to be the official word that I'm now the CBR News Editor. As for what that means, well...I'm still trying to figure that out. I've been "on the job" since October, and so far what's changed is that I've shifted from doing your standard "Here's some product coming down the pipeline" interviews to more stuff like this, this, this, this and this. Long term, I'll be taking over a lot of the day-to-day planning of CBR's editorial content and helping to grow the site in a few specific places over the next year.

Beyond that, I'm not sure there's much else to say for now, although while I've got the attention of possibly dozens of readers I'd like to point out how rad the CBR staff has been to work with the past year and a half and particularly how great of a boss Jonah Weiland is. I've had the benefit of learning from a lot of extremely smart, talented people since I started being semi-professionally connected to comics seven years ago, and not to knock any of the others, but Jonah's the best guy you could ever possibly want to work for. Since I came on to CBR in the summer of 2008, Jonah has been nothing but supportive of my work and my ideas and trusts my news sense without question. His giving me the News Editor gig is an extreme vote of confidence, and I'm a little nervous as to what he's going to say when I inevitably fuck it up (Kidding!.....I hope)

And not to get all LiveJournal douchebaggy here, but you know, I thought a lot about quitting this comics thing over the past year. I'm sure it might sound stupid to a lot of you to hear anyone complain about doing the kind of job I do, but when you get up day after day and do the exact same thing over and over again (even if that thing is calling people up to talk about Batman), it's pretty easy to get burnt out. Add on a lot of moving, family stuff, personal garbage and your average "economy is in the toilet" concerns, and the gig of chasing around people on shin-killing convention floors to ask how their respective stories will "Totally change the universe forever!" loses a lot of its allure.

But I'm sticking around, and it's because of you. You people I've met through comics are the absolute coolest folks on planet earth from my esteemed co-bloggers to my many editors and co-workers to the rare people who take the time to comment on what I'm writing without calling me a dirty shill with no "journalistic ethics" to everyone who's ever hung out at a con and bought me a drink and generally made me feel like this whole enterprise is worthwhile. I hope in this new gig I can find a way to contribute a little more to the industry and the art form than I have in the past. I hope to make you proud.


- KP


breakmyarms said...

congrats, dude! you are a very enterprising young man. you'll be fine!


Ben Morse said...

CBR is no question the best all-around comic news site out there right now in my humble opinion, ( is still technically an official corporate site, chuckleheads) and guys like both Jonah and this new News Editor fella are the prime reason why. Good folks over there.

I love you too, Kiel.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, man!



JimmyGlenn711 said...

Congrats and good luck!

Brendan McGinley said...

You're a fine man for the job. Congratulations!

Ditto Ben's remarks.

Anonymous said...

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Augie said...

Congrats, Kiel, on officially being On The Job. Good luck dealing with [Company Name Redacted] and especially [Marketing Flack Name Redacted] over at [Publisher Name Redacted]. Other than that, it'll be a lot of fun!

>> I've shifted from doing your standard "Here's some product coming down the pipeline" <<

Pipeline still publishes every Tuesday afternoon, folks! (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

Rickey said...

LEAVE comics?!

We all dodged a bullet. And I'm glad you stuck with it, man. You keep blowing me away with the shit you're doing. You're a strong bastard considering what you've accomplished in spite of your speed bumps.

And I love you more than Ben does.

Rickey said...

And congrats.

CalebAndrew said...

Kiel dresses sharper, talks faster and writes smoother than pretty much anybody in the biz. Nobody deserved the bump more - congrats to a truly generous, rad dude who may or may not be a killer journo cyborg sent from the future to make us all look bad in the best possible way.

Twyst said...


Laura Hudson said...

No one deserves this more than you, Kiel. No one.

Congratulations x100000000!

Michael J. said...


Dan Brooks said...

Nice post, dude. You're top shelf. Congrats!