Monday, November 9, 2009

Pimping Stuff: Pair o' Podcasts

I've always said I've been fortunate enough to work with a brilliant bunch of folks over the last few years, and it's nice to see the world at large begin to recognize our genius, as my friends and I rocked not one, but two podcasts today promoting our various endeavors.

First up, I was fortunate to be an invited guest on friend of the CKT Dan Brooks' podcast, Robot Sweatshop. Dan and I spent over an hour chatting about the origins of my Werewolf By Night Christmas story (currently on sale in the Marvel Holiday Spectacular), some behind the scenes stuff on the day-to-day of, upcoming goodness for Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Comics and Marvel Motion Comics, as well as my bizarre fondness for certain random comic characters. Now, I'll warn you ahead of time that as I was unable to make it into Brooklyn to do the show live and had to conduct the interview over the phone my audio isn't necessarily the best, but the fabulous Mr. Brooks assures me that if pump up the volume and make sure you're in reasonable peace and quiet, you can hear just fine, so check all that out here.

Meanwhile, over on the War Rocket Ajax podcast co-hosted by Chris Sims of Invincible Super-Blog fame (I'm a big fan), the geniuses behind Twisted Toyfare Theater--also known as my pals T.J. Dietsch, Justin Aclin, Jon Gutierrez and Rob Bricken--spoke out on their own process and projects as well as topics ranging from Transformer to the Wu Tang Clan; give it a listen here.

Download, listen, enjoy!

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