Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving/Thursday!

As I sit here with a belly full of turkey and stuffing (I totally made the second item and it was phenomenal), I wanted to check in real quick and wish those of you in the U.S. a very happy Thanksgiving from those of us here at the Cool Kids Table (yes, in place of an actual post).

And for those of you who read us internationally, we hope you are having a lovely Thursday.

Regardless of where you call home, we are quite thankful you actually devote minutes of your day to reading our scrawlings--thank you!

And I'd be remiss if I did not plug the Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! Thanksgiving special. I wasn't lead writer on this one, but I did contribute the Red Hulk joke and besides, it features the dulcet tones of John Cerilli as the Kingpin, which is in no way typecasting.

(Why the Black Talon image above you might ask? Because he looks kind of like a turkey and I didn't want to use the Carlos Pacheco JLA/JSA Thanksgiving image that everybody always uses, beautiful though it is)

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