Friday, November 13, 2009

Linko! XXIX

* Oh man, exciting news in my the world of Polaroid reclamation. The UK version of Wired had a bad ass article up this week giving the best summation of the effort to make new Polaroid film yet. Through that, I found both the official homepage of the project (their really close to getting commercial film back out there) and the site run by the folks who bought the factory that sells old school Polaroid film at relatively cheap prices. To top it all off, the fun-looking "Oh Yeah, Polaroids!" blog popped up in my Tumblr feed, and it's a great reminder of how much fun the instantly developing cameras can be. YEEEEE!

* I'm not caught up enough on "Mad Med" Season 3 to have watched the finale yet, but if you have, indulge in this ridiculous reposting of every line Don Draper said this season.

* Could Rupert Murdoch block Google from searching on his newspapers sites? That and other interesting pay for web content news here.

* OK, on to actual comic stuff for once: watch this hilarious aftershave commercial starring the dude who played Superman in the Broadway musical. (Via)

* Speaking of videos, it's always worthwhile to go watch Wes Anderson's original "Bottle Rocket" short film just to make a comparison of where he's come since then. This post at Paste Magazine analyzes the film with a little depth while noting some of the internal creative struggles that came with Anderson's new stop motion "Fantastic Mr. Fox" adaptation. Curiously, the original LA Times article where "Fox's" Director of Photography took a shot at Anderson has disappeared. I'm still going to see it eventually.

* Sad day for Superman: there are only four phone booths left in New York City.

* This gallery of old school travel posters is tops, though it would have been cooler if they included the Jets To Brazil poster from "Breakfast At Tiffany's," but it's still tops. (Via)

* Semi-related: Insanely fun directory of theme park maps through the years. Does everyone just forget Busch Gardens exists when they stop advertising on TV? Those poor tigers must be getting lonely.

* My 16-year-old cousin found me on Tumble this week. Her blog is an awesome collection of high school gossip, anime inside jokes and pictures of the hot dudes from the new "Star Trek" movie. Anyway, she reblogged from a Tumble I had to share because the name fucking killed me: Fuck Yeah, Cute Male! Is that really how most anime fans refer to boys? Just as "male"? It's so...clinical.

* Speaking of cool Tumblrs...BEAGLE PUPPIES!!

* Finally, this virtual Kaleidoscope is a radical time suck. (Via)

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Rickey said...

I still have my amusement park map from Six Flags Over Texas 1991!