Friday, September 25, 2009

Linko! XXIV

* Earlier this week, a post on Cartoon Brew led me to discover that Bill Wray has a blog. I generally don't follow creator blogs as much as I should, and the above page from a 1986 horror comic he drew proves why I'm an idiot for that. Damn, can he draw. I'd say it's a real shame that he doesn't do more comics work (and it is), but it's hard to get too upset when Wray's current show The Mighty B looks like too much fun. It's the one created by Amy Poehler that I keep meaning to watch more of. The closest thing we've got to a new John K show on TV now, I'd wager.

* Last week, while looking up resources for my overly-long Gundam statue post I found two rad links I forgot to mention before. First: Detroit's own Andrew WK recorded an entire album of metal covers of the music o Gundam. That one must have hit the wire because like 10,000 other people (or, you six) were Tweeting about it all week. Second: Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino declared "Video Games are evil."

* I didn't find this Gawker piece on how it's all over between fans and "Heroes" was that funny, but I bet it's how anyone who ever liked the show now feels. Did you watch the season opener? I had it on for 20 minutes while cooking dinner, and it felt like every other season of that show except there were circus freaks...oh, and mind wiping. (From Mike Cotton?)

* Dave Paggi is a genius finder of genius links Link: The People of WalMart.

* Promising new webcomic Link: Natalie Nourigat's Between Gears. (Via)

* In "not nearly as awesome" news, Brendan McGuirk Tweeted this link to highlights from something called the Lingerie Football League. It sucks. I don't even know why I'm posting it except to bitch. I mean, I think the idea of a women's football league is totally cool, even an arena-league style one. Making the players dress in next to nothing with some fakey shoulder pads makes it way stupider. Having a highlight reel that's just shots of women getting hit with no play-by-play context is even stupider than that. Do the financier's of this really think men want to watch this all day? They know there's plenty of free porn on the internet, right?

* Insane: If you have like $1.6 million, you too can Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio's house complete with the legendary "The Barn" studio. Side note: I haven't had time to buy their new album yet...or the new Brendan Benson album. I suck.

Let's wrap up with a shit load of video links, huh?

* #1 - Glenn Beck and the morning Zoo Crew. [Related: Andy Khouri's buds protest his 9/12 bullshit in style.]

* #2 - Andy Richter beats the pants of Wolf Blitzer and Dana Delany in Celebrity Jeopardy! Part 1, Part 2

* #3 - Christopher Reeve for the first time on the "Tonight Show." [I could write a whole post on this video both as a superhero fan and a late night talk show fan, but I'm too wore out these days to do that. Just watch]

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