Friday, September 4, 2009

Linko! XXI

* What a crap week. As regular readers surmised, TJ got laid off from ToyFare last night. What you may not also know is that the purge included the ever-awesome, ever-bearded "Big" Jim Gibbons from Wizard. To say this is a devastatingly disheartening sucker punch to those of us around here is a massive understatement. If you're the type who hires rad dudes to write about comics and toys and such, look these boys up at their respective web homes. TJ blogs, reviews things and does other hijinx at United Monkee while Jim draws web comics and other hilarity at Enemy of Peanuts. Hell, even if you can't give them money, read their sites. I'm sure they'll have plenty to post on once they sober up. (Thanks to Joshy for the image)

* In less depressing link news, I found this story about The Punk Rock Way To Start Making Comics um...somewhere. I'm not 100% that I can endorse all of this article because most punk bands don't learn covers, but it's interesting food for thought in any event.

* Tim Magazine picks their list of the Ten Oddest Marvel Characters in the wake of the Disney buyout. It must say something about me that I don't see what's so odd about Lockjaw, Spider-Ham or Dazzler, but let's not dwell on that, shall we? (Via The Oat)

* Speaking of the Disney/Marvel thing: the investor conference call is up to listen to for all your hardcore corporate merger fanboys.

* Lately, I've been pretty interested in the idea of independent video games produced by fans that are more like old school 8 and 16-bit games, but since I don't own and XBox and won't be buying one ever, I've had no access to follow this itch to it's natural conclusion. Luckily, Bryan Lee O'Malley posted a link to this addictive as fuck Flash game. Don't click if you want to get anything else done tonight.

* Potential Big Book Publisher Publicity Fail Link: Man, The Secret Science Alliance looks like a super fun and smart kids comic. And you know how much I love those. Plus, I've read mini comics by creators Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing that I bought at SPX a while back, and they were cool. And apparently, the new book came out in stores this week, so all should be good, right? Except for the fact that I've seen ZERO FUCKING MENTION of the comic on ANY comics-themed news sites or blogs of any kind. And it's my job to read about this stuff, so you know that if this system was working right it should have come across my desk by now, right? Thank God for Hope Larson's Twitter feed. I'm going to do my best to do something about this after I've flown to Puerto Rico and back, but for now, you guys should consider buying the book on Amazon.

* Elsewhere, Duane Swierczynski has started posting bit-sized bits of his favorite writing advice. Go back often.

* Flint, Michigan Punk Rock Link: GAH! Burnt Toast has a website with new songs!

* I Thought This Was Crazy Link: While doing research for a CBR story, I came across a Wiki site that lists common genre fiction tropes (which they for whatever reason call TV Tropes) and then takes series that employ such tropes and point out which ones they use. As you can imagine, Alex Ross and company's Project Superpowers series uses a ton of them.

* Via Tom Link: exploring Archie's love triangle.

* I Totally Remember Amazon Like That Link: Alex Segura shared this list of what 20 popular websites looked like at their launch.

* Finally, you've GOT to go check out Andy Helms' Dude A Day project. Every day from last Halloween to this Halloween, Andy draws a character from somewhere, then he posts them in group form on the blog. If you've ever been a fan of ANYTHING, there's something for you on that site. '70s TV shows, '80s Video Games, tons of comics and more more more. Go get lost.

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