Wednesday, September 2, 2009

AIM Adventures: Expendable

Myself and my boss, John Cerilli, really want to see The Expendables, so we were a little bummed that its release has been pushed four months to August, 2010; however, we immediately looked for the upside...

Ben: The release date for The Expendables got moved back four months
John: Dammit! I want to SEE it!
John: Probably good news for it?
John: That it can compete in the summer?
Ben: Maybe...or it could just be that they're not happy with what they've got and need to keep editing
Ben: You've got a good point though
Ben: Usually if it's not coming along well they'd bump straight to the fall, not the summer
John: I mean, it's LATE summer, but look what Basterds just did... Not too shabby
Ben: I guess we'll see
Ben: Hopefully this delay will allow them to add Jet Li, Mel Gibson and The Rock to the cast
John: YES!
Ben: And Mr. T
John: And Herve Villechaize!
John: They NEED a midget!
John: oh, wait... he's dead.
Ben: Is that the guy from Fantasy Island?
John: yep
Ben: I'm really proud of myself for knowing that
John: You should be.

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