Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pimping My Stuff: War of Kings: Warriors #4

The conclusion to Crystal's story in War of Kings: Warriors has arrived my friends!

When last we left our excellent elemental, she had been tasked by the rest of the Inhuman royal family to squash a Kree uprising before things got nasty and ended up discovering a bomb had been planted at the site of her daughter Luna's class field trip! This time around, Crys tries to disarm the bomb, save the day, and prove to the Kree that the Inhumans aren't all bad--no small task. And win, lose or draw, she still has to face the icy glare and crazy hair of her big sister Medusa.

It's a key glimpse into the psyche of one of the key players in War of Kings and it's available now on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!

Stepping out of hype mode for a moment, I gotta say my personal thank you to writer Jay Faerber, who totally reads this blog (which is in itself very cool). Jay has been around this biz awhile and written lots of great comics I've enjoyed reading, so it was both exciting and a bit intimidating to get to work with him on this, but he totally made me feel at home in my first editor gig, was awesome about going back-and-forth with a wet behind the ears rookie, and taught me a lot about how this all works. Breaking this story with him was a great experience and I will be forever grateful; I really hope to work with him again soon, and not just on the Lilandra portion of this series (coming next month!), but on some of the other cool ideas we've kicked around. Jay Faerber: good people (buy Noble Causes and Dynamo 5!).

And while I'm doling out praise, our art team of Adriana Melo and Mariah Benes rocked it up to another level this go around and did some really beautiful stuff. I think it meshes very well artistically with the stuff Paul Pelletier is doing on the War of Kings proper book and that's high praise for my money. Also, allow the colorblind dude to say it was neat seeing Nei Ruffino's coloring process and I think those of you who don't share my ailment will find the palette of this story delightful.

Read War of Kings: Warriors #4, starring Crystal, NOW!

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Jay Faerber said...

Thanks, Ben! Of course, anything I say now might be construed as bucking for more work -- but seriously, this as been a great experience (and hopefully not our last collaboration).