Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pimping My Stuff: War of Kings: Warriors #3

As long-time CKT afficionados may recall, Crystal is not one of my favorite characters. Imagine the complex range of emotions I experienced then when I was told that one of the feature characters in War of Kings: Warriors would be, you guessed it, Crystal.

Fortunately, I had the formidable skills of writer Jay Faerber on my side, and he actually is a fan of Crystal. He brought me around to seeing a not-so-bad side of the Inhuman I so loathed, and working with him as well as my editorial gurus Bill Rosemann and Michael Horwitz, I daresay we created a story that even the most avid Crystal hater (that would be) can really get into and that War of Kings fans should certainly not miss.

War of Kings: Warriors #3 (technically War of Kings: Warriors - Crystal #1, but that's a mouthful) has a kickass story by Jay also featuring the gorgeous art of Adriana Melo and Mariah Benes (seriously, it looks smokin') and is currently available on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

Bottom line, guys: I edited a friggin' Crystal story--can you really tell me you're not a little curious?


Jay Faerber said...

It is my goal to show everyone that Crystal is ... not-so-bad.

Ben Morse said...

I daresay you've done it, but I'm biased.

And aren't you glad I didn't tell you my feelings on Crystal before we started? ;-) said...

Wow, there is a lot of helpful data above!