Friday, June 5, 2009

Linko! IX

There is so much going on with me and comics this weekend that I can barely keep my head straight. I'm in New York. MoCCA is a scant 32 1/2 hours away. Let's see how many of these things I can post before I pass out.

* A lot of folks noted how British punk band Art Brut both employed Essex County cartoonist and upcoming Vertigo creator Jeff Lemire to draw the cover of their new album and wrote a song called "DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake" on said album, but it was on Foink where I found Under The Radar magazine's photo set of the band touring the DC offices. My biggest question:

Is that seriously the only photo they got of Dan Didio? REALLY?!? Actually, aside from some fun shots of the band looking like 12 year olds at Christmas and an appearance by the back of Karen Berger's head, there were a few things I giggled about in the photo album...particularly whenever I imagined what conversations the band was having with tour guide David Hyde.

* Other photo album link: found my buddy Josh on Twitter, and he pointed me to this visual history of credit cards in the U.S. over at Slate.

* I'm generally bewildered by how the occasional random PR person will actually find my e-mail address when it's totally not listed, but sometimes they're not too annoying about sending me things like what I thought were kind of fun pictures of Wolverine sneakers that probably cost too much to do anything but look at pictures of them:

* Google Ads on your GMail are the darnedest things. Prime example: after jawing with some friends about I think Brian Bendis via e-mail the other day, the wizards of Google alerted me to this page reviewing of Marvel's website for concerned parents. Apparently, reviewer Dana Villamagna thought that the games on the site might be a spot too violent for kids under 7. Look, I know I'm not a parent and so my opinion doesn't really mean squat, but if you've got a 6 year old boy who's scared of a game where the Hulk jumps in the air and bumps into robots, you need to toughen that kid the fuck up and quick. Seriously, GM went bankrupt this week, which by my calculations means little Trevor has about a 10% greater chance he'll be living in a gamma-irradiated wasteland of America before he's 30 anyway.

* Speaking of the slow death of the once powerful company and by extension my beloved home town: I don't condone most of what Michael Moore says about GM or Flint, but this essay on what we citizens should do as the majority shareholders of GM is pretty good food for thought.

* O! M! F! G! Rob Liefeld is giving away Deadpool sketches to every 100th Twitter follower he gets between 1,600 and 2,000 people. I want one SOOOOOOOOOO bad. Why do I want one so bad!?!?!?!?!?!? (Pic Via)

* Two interviews you should read: A 1967 fanzine interview with Stan Lee reposted at Johnny Bacardi's and a current profile of Joe Simon at the always cool Graphic NYC Project.

* Beyond that, I'm spending all of my non-working hours today focusing on what I'm buying at MoCCA. Tracking down advanced word of all the cool stuff that will be on sale at the show can be pretty tough, but thankfully Brian Heater at the Daily Crosshatch tracked down a lot of advanced word on what folks are bringing. The MoCCA show is quite possibly my favorite comics event all year, and I was really bummed to miss last summer. Thankfully, this year's show is making it up to me by having booked Seth. God, I love comics so much, you guys.

* Wow. That last link didn't have one bit of swearing or stupidity in it at all, did it? We...we just can't go out on such a positive note.

* Oh, I know, how's about I repost a bunch of pics Sam has up on her Tumblr of wanna be models decked out as skimpy versions of superhero comics characters?

For a second there I thought someone might be likely to take something I wrote on this blog as heartfelt and serious. Glad that moment's over.

If you're at MoCCA, look for me. I have brown hair!

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