Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pimping My Stuff: War of Kings: Warriors #1

The day has finally arrived! I talked some months ago about my very first editing gig, helping Sir William Rosemann oversee the War of Kings exclusive digital spin-off series, War of Kings: Warriors. Well, the very first eight-page installment debuted today on and I am uber-excited!

We're starting things off with an intergalactic bang as we tell the origin of Gladiator, a story (no lie) over 20 years in the making. It's written by my boy Christos Gage and features gorgeous art courtesy of Mahmud Asrar. I'm really proud of the story and how it came out looking as both these guys as well as everybody else involved poured their heart into it.

Even though I don't think any of them of them actually read this blog, I wanna thank everybody involved with making this sucker a reality (because that's what you do when you accomplish stuff), particularly Bill, Christos, Mahmud, Michael Horwitz, John Cerilli and Harry Go. No question seeing my name as editor on a comic is a lifelong dream and I'm so thrilled to be associated with this particular product.

So go check out part one because once it only gets crazier from here!


Jesse T. said...

Congrats, Ben; sounds awesome!
Now then, what the hell is Eminem/Punisher?

Ben Morse said...

Consider it a spiritual sequel to Punisher/Archie.