Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pimping My Stuff: War of Kings: Warriors #2

Have you recovered yet from the sock-rocking experience that was War of Kings: Warriors #1? Well then allow me to direct your attention over to where War of Kings: Warriors #2 is now live!

Yes, the origin of Gladiator comes to a pulse-pounding conclusion as young Kallark has been given the order to do the unthinkable and kill his own mentors! Will he follow orders or defy the mighty Shi'Ar? These are the events that will shape the man who will be Gladiator and hurtle him into a pivotal role in War of Kings!

Christos Gage writes, Mahmud Asrar provides art, Val Staples colors, and, along with "Battling" Bill Rosemann, the sensational editorial find of 2009 "Bristling" Ben Morse edits! It's War of Kings: Warriors #2, baby! Come out and plaaaaaaayyy!!


Justin said...

So why does the page say Alejandro edited it? I mean, I always mix you guys up, but...

Ben Morse said...

Yeah, the credit system is...imperfect. But there's no other assistant editor I'd rather get credited for my hard work. Other than me. And the rest of them.