Friday, May 1, 2009

Linko! IV

* Oh man, I don't know if you're supposed to start a link blog entry with your biggest, bestest entry, but I don't care y'all. Yes, the above picture is of Jack Kirby and Paul McCartney. How fucking cool, right?!?! I found the link to a photo set of the King meeting the former Beatle by way of Johnny Bacardi's Tumblr account, and as cool as it was what makes it even cooler is that over a year ago, I interviewed Kirby's daughter Lisa Kirby for a profile that never ran in Wizard where she decribed the very event:

"But I have to say one of the moments that I remember actually didn’t take place at home. We were invited to go see Paul McCartney and Wings. And we went to the LA Forum and got to go back stage, and dad had did a drawing of Paul and the band, which he presented to him. I think that’s when it really dawned on me, like ‘Wow! I can’t believe this is happening. That’s Paul McCartney standing there. My dad is a famous man!’ [Laughs] But it was funny because my mom said, ‘You just stood there with your mouth hanging open.’ But when you’re 14-years-old that was a pretty big moment. So he gave us tickets and we watched the show, but it was kind of strange sitting through a concert with your parents, but they introduced dad in the audience, and then he went into the song ‘Magneto & Titanium Man.’ That was really neat. There’s always been moments like that on and off that just stay with you, and that was a big one for me."

Crazy awesome.

* Elsewhere on the internet this week, I was fooling around on Pitchfork where I found this link to an ABC News video of comics critic and all around solid dude Douglas Wolk reviewing the new Superchunk EP. I don't know what makes me smile more: Douglas on ABC's website or the fact that the video's creation made it necessary for Charlie Gibson to say "Superchunk."

* Speaking of Douglas, he posted a discussion provoking link on his Tumblr about hipsters. No, wait! Don't skip down yet! First, click on this blog called "Look At This Fucking Hipster," which I've found pretty damn funny lately. Then click to this critique of hipster culture inspired by said blog. THEN click on this critique of the critique which makes some points I've been feeling of late way better than I ever would. Short version: I've got no problems with those who dress in ridiculous and "ironic" fashion and listen to super hip bands. I always dug partying in Wiliamsberg. Give 'em a break y'all.

* In "people who link blog way better than me" news, Laura Hudon has taken over the Comics Alliance blog, which is part of AOL's pop culture hub known as Asylum. 100% bookmark-able.
* And come to think of it, Hudson was one of several people to point me in the direction of this pathetically hilarious CNN report on a Cincinnati-based vigilante calling himself Night Hare. A few months back, I fell down the Wikipedia hole reading up on this no bullshit growing movement of people who dress up in homemade superhero costumes and patrol the streets of various areas in America "fighting crime." It's almost super hilarious until you read this feature from Rolling Stone and realize how terribly sad it also is.

* New York Times Link #1: A general story on the legitimization of Ultimate Frisbee as a sport. The story would have been a bit more timely about six years ago, but it's still a nice read.

* New York Times Link #2: The Hunter of Ghosts becomes a Ghost Hunter. Thanks to Alejandro for this one.

* Awesome Book Sale Link #1: Kate Beaton has a book out!

* Awesome Book Sale Link #2: Small Bear Press $1 sale! I was once taught by SBP co-publisher and author Kelly Link as well as SBP author Maureen McHugh, both of whom have short story collections on sale with a bunch of other fine picks. Go buy now.

* Crazy Video Link #1: Rap Chop Thanks, D. Charger.

* Crazy Video Link #2: Dear God. I seriously couldn't make it all the way through that one it made me so uncomfortable.

* Random blog I found through a Twitter person: Diary of a Fangirl. I think I may post one of these each week from now on.

* Finally, there's this:

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