Friday, July 9, 2010

Pimping Our Stuff: Shadowland What The--?!

The special new Marvel Super Heros: What The--?! promoting Shadowland premiered today in all its glory. As per usual, Alex "Das Wunderkind" Kropinak was responsible for 95% of said glory, but me and the Woodward to my Bernstein, Sean T. Collins, kicked in again this time as well. Here's a bit of behind the scenes...

As a follow-up to our Siege promotional video from back late last year, I pitched Marvel PR guru Arune Singh on doing something similar for Shadowland. After getting approval from Daredevil honcho Steve Wacker, I started kicking around ideas with Mr. Kropinak on our semi-daily train rides between Jersey and NYC.

My basic concept hinged on the idea that we always see various urban heroes hanging out on rooftops, gargoyles, etc. doing monologues, but they never seem to run into each other. I figured it would be funny to start with Daredevil waxing melancholy about his perpetually sucky life and then keep pulling the camera out to reveal other guys like Moon Knight, Iron Fist and the like doing their own bits with DD getting perpetually more annoyed as they talked over one another. Alex liked the basic concept, but wanted to tinker with the execution (specifically the talking over each other bit).

With Alex's big brain going, I recruited Sean to write the monologues themselves since they were supposed to be funny in a way that intelligently poked a bit of fun at the character's cliches, and he knows how to pull that off.

Sean kicked ass on the script, I tightened it up ever so slightly, and off to Alex it went. He worked his magic for several weeks, we spent the last couple days moving and shifting some pieces around, and voila: there you have it.


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