Monday, July 12, 2010

AIM Adventures: Million Dollar Idea

Ben just had a great idea and needs some feedback. Fortunately, Alex is on AIM...

Ben: Let me run this by you
Ben: Idea for a video game: fighting game where you can play as anybody from any Real World or Road Rules ala Marvel vs Capcom or Mortal Kombat vs DC
Alex: ooh
Alex: I'd play that if you throw in the Jersey Shore people as unlockable characters.
Ben: Yes! I was also thinking about incorporating The Hills, but possibly as a second game
Alex: Hm. I'd play that.
Ben: Right?
Ben: Eric Nies vs The Miz? Who wouldn't want to see that
Ben: A Judd Winick/Puck grudge match?
Alex: Judd Winick vs. RACHEL
Ben: Judd Winick vs the world
Ben: He gets the first solo game, like how Sub-Zero got his own game
Alex: I support this
Ben: Glad to have you onboard
Alex: You have my full support with this project.

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