Monday, July 5, 2010

Linko! LI

* This comics-style mashup of quotes from prominent Tea Party members and supporters in the media placed against illustrations from Bible stories was horrifically funny.

* Best quote from Brigid Alverson's ALA write-up at PW? "On the other hand, no one at the Random House seemed interested in talking about any of the graphic novels on display." I mean,'s just anecdotal evidence, but that's a hell of an anecdote.

* Science Link! #1: Whoever edited this article on Mars' surface being shaped by water and didn't credit the expert named John Carter as "John Carter of Mars" failed BIG TIME. (Via)

* Science Link #2: Go look at the first photo of a planet outside our solar system.

* Link everyone else already had link: this Catwoman robbery was kinda funny.

* Fans of adoreable dog comics, feel free to check out this one! (Via)

* Here's an article about the new book reprinting some of and covering all of the forgotten Siegel/Shuster comic Funnyman. I've got a copy myself and hope to review it soon.

* I hope my cousin enters this contest for real.

* Hey! Music recommended by Bryan Lee O'Malley is always worth a look, even if I don't normally listen to Swedish electro pop.

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