Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Smallville Week: Daily Planet Dispatches

While I'm working up our next big "Smallville" feature for this evening, I thought I'd draw your attention to a few other Series Finale notes, nods and news working their way around the web – starting with a radical report I commissioned for CBR! Over there right now, you can read a report of a live finale event featuring executive producers/head writers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders by A-List CBR staffer Josie Campbell. There's a paragraph that's a bit spoilery I'm going to quote here, so I'll hide it below the following poster. Fair warning!

In preparation for the end, executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders spoke with CBR News and members of the press about the final episode, beginning with a screening of an unfinished promo for the two-hour finale. Without gong too far into spoiler territory, the promo highlighted the return of Chloe, Oliver Queen punching someone (possibly Clark) through a window, the planet Apokolips rapidly advancing on a collision-course towards Earth and Lois Lane decked out in full bridal gear, running down the aisle -- in the wrong direction. The promo also showed Granny Goodness attempting to get Tess to join her side and a very quick shot of what appeared to be Clark's first flight, sans Superman suit.

The report also features some new photos like this one:

Read the full report here for some other tidbits about Michael Rosenbaum's return to the series and its potential future. And I'll have another feature up Friday with some of the "Smallville" writers from over the ten-year run of the show.

Elsewhere on the web, my old boss Rick Marshall at MTV's Splash Page got a special package in the mail from Peterson and Souders. I actually thought it was an odd thing, but cool for Rick! Check it out here. I'm also taking part in a little feature Rick has rolling about the finale that I'll share here as soon as it's up.

Finally, Connor Kilpatrick over at iFanboy has been posting his personal picks for "Best Of" on the series including Best Characters, Best Cameos and Best Episodes.

Most importantly, Kilpatrick realized that iTunes has all the season premiers up for free download right now! I think I'm going to watch at least the season premier before Friday. Maybe more.

Check back later today for a super giant post highlighting Ben and I's own past with the creative talent on "Smallville."


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