Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kiel & Kegmeister's Free Comic Book Day Video Extravaganza 2011

We've got a brief break in "Smallville Week" right now to bring you my annual Free Comic Book Day round up. As you guys may remember from my marathon shopping spree last year and the 2009 edition featuring my bro Kegmeister, I'm a big supporter of FCBD as an event and comics retail in general. This year, I thought I'd switch things up from the regular diary post and took a little video camera with me to try and capture some of the crowds and folks I saw along the way while hitting up seven Chicago comics retailers. I'm pretty much awful at camera work AND editing, but the song I used in this thing is pretty choice, so I hope you'll watch:

Big thanks to all the shops that were open and friendly and holding big events during the day including my own regular shop Challenger's, Dark Tower Comics, Comic Vault, Chicago Comics and Graham Crackers at Lincoln Park. Also props to creators Jonathan Hickman, Chris Burnham, Hilary Barta, Chris Mitten, Mike Norton and Matt Anderson for kicking it all day and making sketches for the kids and generally being rad.

Comics, you guys!!!!