Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Art Attack: August 2011's Coolest Covers

-I'm tellin' ya, this Kenneth Rocafort kid is going places.

-I love most things Dustin Nguyen does, but perhaps nothing more than his trademark "Tons of characters shoved onto one cover and wedged in every tiny place" collages. Two in one month? Gold.


-USAgent is another one of those cult characters I just know Phil Jimenez had a ball drawing.

-The Paolo Rivera cover to Daredevil #2 is currently my wallpaper at work.

-I didn't notice Dave Johnson working "Wade" into the lobes of the brain on the Deadpool cover right away, but once I did, it made me smile.

-Jock's trifecta of striking images make him my artist of the month, I believe. There is such raw power in the action he depicts, from Batman firing a right hook at "the camera," the car crashing on the Driver cover and Hulk eviscerating Wolverine with his fist. Brutal, awesome stuff.

-I didn't realize I've been waiting for Ryan Stegman to draw The Walrus...but I have been.

-Olivier Coipel's Mighty Thor #5 cover isn't just very well-drawn, it's clever too. You need a little something extra beyond just pure talent to make a bunch of country bumpkins and some random weirdos in armor in Galactus' shadow look dope.

-Alex Maleev draws a mean Bullseye.

-That Secret Six cover is a lot of fun; I'm intrigued to see how it looks with full trade dress and on the stands.

-Bryan Hitch really captured something in that Ultimate Fallout cover. I've honestly never felt a particularly strong connection to Ultimate Captain America, but I really feel for him there just from the posture and little details Hitch throws in.

-I'm not entirely sure what's going on in that Venom cover but I like it!

ACTION COMICS #904 by Kenneth RocafortAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #667 by Humberto RamosAVENGERS #16 by Alan DavisBATGIRL #24 by Dustin NguyenBATMAN 80-PAGE GIANT 2011 #1 by Dustin NguyenBATMAN AND ROBIN #26 by Chris BurnhamCAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY #621 by Ed McGuinnessCAPTAIN AMERICA CORPS #3 by Phil JimenezDAREDEVIL #2 by Paolo RiveraDC RETROACTIVE: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA - THE 90'S by Kevin MaguireDEADPOOL #41 by Dave JohnsonDETECTIVE COMICS #881 by JockDRIVER: CROSSING THE LINE #1 by JockFEAR ITSELF: DEADPOOL #3 by Ryan StegmanFLASHPOINT: DEADMAN AND THE FLYING GRAYSONS #3 by Cliff ChiangFLASHPOINT: SECRET SEVEN #3 by George PerezGENERATION HOPE #10 by Salva EspinGOTHAM CITY SIRENS #26 by Guillem MarchINCREDIBLE HULKS #635 by Paul PelletierJUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #54 by Darwyn CookeMARVEL UNIVERSE VS. WOLVERINE #3 by JockMIGHTY THOR #5 by Olivier CoipelMOON KNIGHT #4 by Alex MaleevSECRET SIX #36 by Jim CalafioreSUPERBOY #11 by Karl KerschlULTIMATE FALLOUT #6 by Bryan HitchULTIMATE COMICS HAWKEYE #1 by Adam KubertULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #1 by Esad RibicTHE UNWRITTEN #28 by Yuko ShimizuVENOM #6 by Tony Moore