Friday, December 4, 2009

Linko! XXXI

Woof. A whole lot of catching up to do here with two weeks of linkage! Let's start with something Ben found, and I can't fucking believe he didn't make an independent post for: A semi-professional Silver Surfer short film from back when manipulating CGI elements from your garage was an awe-inspiring task:

* I've got a bunch of thoughts about manga and the manga industry that I'd like to share with everyone both in terms of this here site and in terms of CBR, but that's going to take a pretty little spell to get to. In the meantime, why don't you read one of two great pieces by Jog on the form: here's a great appetizer piece on Astro Boy which you can follow with this meaty main course that defies my feeble descriptions.

* Kinda speaking of manga: This post on Japanese proto-superheroes was fun if you didn't see it yet.

* There are so many cool comics coming out in America these days that I almost missed the fact that Jeff Parker was doing a Marvel Boy mini series to tie in with the always fun Agents of ATLAS. Luckily, Ben commissioned someone to talk to Parker for thereby reminding me of its imminent awesomeness.

* The best Tumblr blog in the world is ran by Oni Press' Doug Sherwood because he posts things like this gallery of vintage girl groups. (NOTE: They get racier!)

* Jeet Heer comparing Homer Simpson to turn-of-the-century Irish caricatures. Pretty interesting reading.

* I'm almost done with Everything Matters! by Ron Currie, Jr., and it's been really, really spectacular so far, so I was more than pumped to see it get plugged in NPR's list of books to give to friends this holiday season.

* Speaking of NPR, I got shown this edition of "This American Life" that deals with superpowers and features a Chris Ware interview from a few years back.

* Soap operas are fucked up, you guys.

* I think it's no secret here that I post all sorts of non-comics links on this blog, but I love it when people like Dirk Deppey also post non-comics links because comics folk find the best weird shit like this knee-slapping blog of useless library books.

* I didn't know who Howard Post was until this week (he created Anthro!), but I found out everything I could have wanted to know about him from this archived John B. Cooke interview with the artist.

* New Pavement songs could be coming soon!!!!!

* Speaking of music, let's end on two totally different types of auditory delights for you to rock out to over the weekend: here's a super fun 8-Bit Christmas mash-up, and here's the MySpace of alt country singer Dana Falconberry.


OutriderC@gmail,com said...

Can we not talk about manga here? That'd be great, thanks.

Why does Jeff Parker keep getting a million shots with Agents of Atlas? The ongoing series was a failure, so now I have to pay an extra buck for that crap to be stuck in Herc? Not to mention him shoehorning them into Thunderbolts and a lackluster X-Men mini. They didn't get The Order this much of a shot and it was actually good.

Ben Morse said...

I got the Silver Surfer thing sent to me from Ryan, so honestly I didn't even think of making a post about it.