Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Art Attack: March 2010's coolest covers

Just like last month, we now interrupt our regularly-scheduled word-filled programming with pretty pictures of the raddest comic book covers coming our way three months from now by the reckoning of one humble blogger...

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #627 by Lee Weeks

AZRAEL #6 by Francesco Mattina

BATMAN AND ROBIN #10 by Frank Quitely

BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM #10 by Dustin Nguyen

BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #15 by Robert Pope & Scott McRae


HELLBLAZER #265 by Simon Bisley

HOUSE OF MYSTERY #23 by Esao Andrews

HULK #21 by Ed McGuinness

HUMAN TARGET #2 by John Paul Leon

JONAH HEX #53 by Billy Tucci

MIGHTY AVENGERS #35 by Khoi Pham

PUNISHER #15 by Mike McKone

THE SHIELD #7 by Sami Basri

STEPHEN KING'S "N." #1 by Alex Maleev

USAGI YOJIMBO #127 by Stan Sakai

WEAPON X NOIR #1 by C.P. Smith

WOLVERINE: WEAPON X #11 by Adam Kubert

X-FORCE #25 by Clayton Crain

X-MEN: PIXIE STRIKES BACK #2 by Stuart Immonen


Chris said...

I love the Spider-man and Deadpool covers!

Ben Morse said...

Pixie is probably my fave of the month, straight up.

KP said...

The fucking Brain Emperor! GAH!

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