Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trading Card Depot: 21 Jump Street

My relationship with trading cards in general is an epic one, while my relationship with "non-sport" trading cards is a goofy one. I'm gonna start posting select cards I've got sitting around the house so you can all enjoy them, too.

First up is a card sent to me by Jesse Thompson. Jesse's maybe one of the top two people I've met in my life, and he's living in Tennessee now with his dope wife Allison. Jesse says all the crap no one wants to buy in America eventually ends up in the thrift stores in Tennessee. Luckily, he shares this crap with me. And he sent me a pack of 21 Jump Street cards from 1987 based on the show about young-looking narcs and their adventures infiltrating high schools. Here's my favorite:

Ah, Johnny Depp. I dunno if "teen patrol" is a verb here or if it's what he calls his gang with Peter DeLuise, but it all looks sweet. ALL the cards are stickers and can be peeled at the sides:

I can't even imagine how many Trapper Keepers were covered in these. There are something like 50 cards in this set and supposedly Jonah Hill of "Super Bad" fame is writing a film version of the TV series for 2010. Depp has kinda turned into a doofus lately, but he played a radical guy on the show. And the chorus of the theme song was as mind-blowingly pop-catchy as the chorus of the intro to Rescue Rangers.

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Jesse T. said...

Man, I am LATE to the party on this one ... but glad to see "Teen Patrol" lives on. Sadly, I think the "sports collectibles" store where I bought these may be closing ... gotta snag the rest of their stock!