Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pimping My Stuff: Marvel Digital Holiday Special

So we've got a bunch of rad stuff coming up in the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited section of and my boss, the great John Cerilli, just spoke to all about it.

Those fatcats fail to credit me as the writer of the surefire Eisner Award winner "Werewolf By Eve" (Cerilli assures me he gave them my name...hmm...), but they do show off this great art from the story by the rad Stephanie Buscema (click the pic, it's shoved over to the side)...

It's all my dreams made visual reality!!

Anyhow, more to come on "Werewolf By Eve," but be sure and check out that article, as there's plenty of cool tidbits, including the other Holiday Special stories by my boys Ryan Penagos and Jim McCann!


Jim McCann said...

You were robbed by fail reporters!!!!

Still, it's awesome to be in the same book as you & Ryan. Ah the road we've all been traveling on together... :)

Ben Morse said...

I'm glad you could draw the back-up to my one-pager, Jim. Even if yours is technically in front. It's an honor.