Thursday, October 2, 2008


As the fame and sphere of influence of this blog grows, we just keep attracting the all-stars here at CKT. Today we're pleased to welcome, in my humble opinion, one of if not the very best freelance writer on the subject of comics currently gracing this here Internet, to our humble abode.

Kiel Phegley, ladies and gentlemen.

I may have botched Rickey's intro (see below), so I gotta tread extra careful on KP's.

Interestingly, my association with Kiel began when he was an intern at Wizard a couple years back. I say "interesting" because it's been so long that I've seen Kiel as anything less than a peer it's hard to recall when he was technically below me on the totem pole in any way. This is in sharp contrast to Kiel's fellow former intern Dave Paggi whom I still consider my subordinate today despite us no longer working at the same company.

Kiel very quickly climbed the ladder at Wizard and became a staff writer alongside me. We shared an office, first with then-Senior Staff Writer Mike Cotton and then just us. On numerous occasions, Kiel tried to sway me to become a fan of Phish by playing their endless jams despite my repeatedly explaining to him that I spent most of high school realizing that I hate Phish.

As his coworker, I was consistently blown away by the sheer size of Kiel's ideas as well as the sharpness of his writing. As his friend, I was, and still am, privileged to enjoy the enthusiasm and charm of his company. Once Kiel was free to do so and I was working at Marvel, I snatched him up as a freelancer faster than you could say "Yes, Kiel, Agent Liberty is a seminal DC character" and have been beyond pleased with the content we've produced together.

Here is Kiel dressed as Shipwreck from G.I. Joe...

And here is Kiel as Kiel...

Among other things, Kiel plans on blogging here about his inspirationally dedicated love to the Mighty Crusaders. I'm very excited to read his stuff.

People, shit most definitely just got real.

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