Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Enter the Purdin

For those of you have been following the Cool Kids Table (or CKT) all the way since its inception last night, you may have noticed some changes over on the right hand side of the page. Where there was one author, me, there are now two, as my buddy Rickey Purdin has pulled up a seat. I'll let Rickey do a full intro of himself if he so chooses, but here's the quick 411.

I met Rickey back in the halycon days of 2005. I was still a bright-eyed research assistant for Wizard Entertainment when in my tiny "office" (which was a little alley in between an actual office and the bathroom with a couple folding tables and some Macs) I gained a wild and crazy Texan neighbor who had been hired on as price guide assistant to then-Wizard PG editor Ryan "Boss" Penagos (ironically, I now assist Ryan on Marvel.com). I had heard tell of this boisterous new chap from his unheard of two stints as a Wizard intern, but little could prepare me for his infectious positivity and love of feces jokes. We bonded over our shared enthusiasm for our rad jobs and I have been fortunate enough to call him friend ever since.

Today, Rickey actually lives down the street from me in Jersey with his girlfriend, Sam. We take the train into New York City together and then go our separate ways at Penn Station, me heading off to Marvel and he off to our chief rivals, DC Comics, in a quirky reality show/sitcom moment.

In addition to being a dope writer and all around cool guy, Rickey is an immenseley talented artist, who most recently worked on the Diary strip for Wizard (a few of which can still be seen here).

Hopefully Rickey will soon be gracing this blog with his wit and art and will be the first of many great additions to this eden of creativity (too much? F you, it's my blog).

Also, for visual reference, Rickey is the face trying to lick mine in the picture over in the top right corner. The face he is trying to lick is me. We are both happily involved with women.

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