Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ben lies to you

Hey, this is Rickey.

So, Ben invited me to write here on his thingy (penis pun intended), but I wanted to clear something up first. Ben lied in his intro of me a couple days ago.

I'm clearing the air.

1. I'm not "cool" nor am I a "kid." If anything, I'm more "chubby" and "looking at porn in a minute."

2. My positivity isn't so much infectious as my infections are positive.

3. I'm not trying to lick his face in the photo on this blog. I'm just trying to kiss him. BIG difference.

Any so, My name is Rickey Purdin, I used to work at Wizard as the Entertainment Editor (which meant I was in charge of gaining Hollywood content and I did set visits), I went to college in Texas, I've lived in a lot of towns, my girlfriend is rad, I like Coors Light, Ben saved my life one time, I read all kinds of comics all kinds of the time, I work at DC now in the marketing department, my cat threw up on my DC Encyclopedia so now I need a new one, and I'm happy to be here.

More later, XOXO

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Ben Morse said...

Get over your body image issues. You are a beautiful man.