Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My wife the nurse

Nothing to say on comics, movies or even Subway today (soon though); instead, I'd like to write a quick blog on where I spent the morning, and that was watching my wife Megan graduate from the Accelerated Nursing program at William Paterson University.

A little over two years ago, Megan informed me she wanted to become a nurse. She already had a B.A. in Theater and was looking to potentially continue down that path in grad school when she decided instead to fork left. I admit that I was skeptical at first, as she hadn't even held a full-time job more than a few months yet at that point and now wanted to switch career paths, but she was adamant.

She proved any initial doubt I had in her or her resolve wrong in spades.

Through nine months of pre-requisite classes and then 15 more of lecture courses, simulation labs, and clinical time spent on hospital floors, not to mention countless nights, early mornings and weekends spent studying, writing papers and studying some more, she persevered and not only achieved success, but thrived. She not only received the pin representing her BSN this morning, she was also awarded for being at the top of her class in Clinical Excellent as selected by her professors (an honor she did not know she was getting prior to having it handed to her a few hours ago).

Words can't express the pride I feel for my wife and what she has done. I have never seen anybody work as hard and as tirelessly as she has over the past two years. It has been challenging, emotional, and sometimes seemingly impossible, but she overcame every obstacle and reached her goal. She dedicated her pin in part to the support I gave her, but I was just happy to be on her team. She is my hero.

Congratulations, Megan Morse--you're a nurse, sweetheart!