Sunday, December 12, 2010


* I hope everyone had a wonderful Krampus Day. Now that the brats have been whipped and carried off, it's presents for the rest of us. Get to know him better.

* I don't know if I've got the time to invest in these goofball Avengers movies, but they might be fun for ten minutes.

* Another CBR promo, you say? But bullshit Jason Aaron is turning in some can't miss columns.

* Dear Alex Buchet, thanks for posting the most fun thing I think I've ever seen on The Hooded Utilitarian. I'm pumped for the rest of this series, though I still wish it was laid out in a legible fashion. Beggars can't be chosers on TCJ, I guess.

* Awesome are of the month #1: Andi Watson drawing anything is great. Andi Watson drawing anything from Skeleton Key is super fucking duper great.

* Awesome art of the month #2: More bad ass Scott Pilgrim promo art.

* Everyone else is right. Chris Samnee's six-panel "Superman: The Movie" is legit.

* I've said how I'm an admitted sucker for Siegel and Shuster history, right? So crushing and awesomely inspiring all in once, the creators of Superman. Start watching the above 1981 BBC doc on the hero and go through til the end.

* Speaking of which, the latest online entry from Comic Book Comics is can't miss stuff.


* Owsley died early this year from an apparent suicide. That fucking sucks, man. R.I.P., Will.

* Kill some time this week with Time's Top 100 of everything. Hooray Wilson!

* I feel like I read too much bullshit arguing about the fate/future/finish of the novel or whatever, so I'm only bookmarking this thing by Harkuri Murakami for now.

* I know it's petty, but reading shit like this always cheers me up a little.

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