Friday, December 24, 2010

Art Attack: March 2011's Coolest Covers

-5 Ronin is truly a treasure trove of amazing cover art. I was quite close to just throwing all 10 gorgeous pieces up here, but decided the love needed to be spread a bit more; something about samurai super heroes just brings out the best in artists, I guess. The concept sounds pretty cool and there are some great interior artists on this as well, so I'm looking forward to it.

-That Avengers Academy cover caught my eye both because it has so much going on and because it seemed like such an un-Mike McKone cover from Mike McKone.

-It's pretty tough for J.H. Williams III not to make these lists.

-It's pretty tough for Travis Charest not to make these lists.

-Galactus is the true star of this post!

-I'm a sucker for homage covers done well, and Giuseppe Camuncoli nailed Wolverine #1 (1988) with his Daken: Dark Wolverine #7 piece.

-That's the best cover I think J.G. Jones has done for Doc Savage yet.

-Janet Lee is tremendously talented.

-Dustin Nguyen's Generation Lost #21 cover is dynamite; he continues to be my guy to watch for great cover art.

-Sometimes you just need to nail classic poses for a dynamic cover, as I believe Art Adams and Joe Quesada remind the industry's young pups with their Thunderbolts and Venom work here.

-That Usagi Yojimbo cover makes me smile--what does that say about me?

-I'm surprised of all the Milestone series they could bring back on an ongoing basis, DC chose Xombi. Not unpleasantly surprised, mind you, as Xombi always seemed to have a neat hook of "real magic," (admittedly I never read it, but I remember the house ads), but I'll be up front and say the primary reason I remember it is as being one of the few books from that line not starring an African American lead (Kobalt being the other major one).

5 RONIN: HULK cover by Mark Brooks5 RONIN: PSYLOCKE cover by David Aja5 RONIN: PUNISHER cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli5 RONIN: PUNISHER cover by David AjaAVENGERS ACADEMY #10 cover by Mike McKoneBATMAN INCORPORATED #5 cover by J.H. Williams IIIBATMAN: EUROPA #3 cover by Diego LatorreBATWOMAN #2 cover by J.H. Williams IIICAPTAIN AMERICA #615.1 cover by Daniel AcunaCAPTAIN AMERICA #616 cover by Travis CharestCAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE KORVAC SAGA #4 cover by Craig RousseauDAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE #7 cover by Giuseppe CamuncoliDAREDEVIL: REBORN #3 cover by JockDEADPOOL #34 cover by Dave JohnsonDEADPOOL TEAM-UP #883 cover by Skottie YoungDOC SAVAGE #12 cover by J.G. JonesEMMA #1 cover by Janet LeeINCREDIBLE HULKS #624 variant cover by Dale KeownIRON MAN 2.0 #3 cover by Salvador LarrocaJUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #21 cover by Dustin NguyenTHUNDERBOLTS #154 cover by Art AdamsUNCANNY X-FORCE #6 cover by Esad RibicUSAGI YOJIMBO #136 variant cover by Stan SakaiVENOM #1 cover by Joe QuesadaXOMBI #1 cover by Frazer Irving

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