Monday, January 9, 2012

17 and a half years ago...

I was going to try and write a real post tonight, but I've got a sinus infection and a new iPhone and the combination of the two is making it difficult to concentrate.

However, I also don't really want the poster for The Help to lead the site all week (no offense, ladies, great movie), so instead, let's fire up the way back machine and take a visual look at what comics 12-year-old Ben was picking up...

(Why 17 and a half years ago? Because I was only reading like three comics regularly 20 years ago, I wasn't reading any 15 years ago, and I wanted to stay in the 90's)

Americop, Azrael as Batman and Bart Sears on Silver Surfer covers--good times in 1994.

Books I know for sure I was collecting but for whatever reason skipped in June of that year (I looked it up): Avengers, Adventures of Superman and, of course, Nova. I have the issues before and after of each. Avengers was an anniversary issue (Proctor!) and probably cost more than usual, Adventures of Superman was in the middle of a crossover with the other Superman books which I didn't read...but Nova was tying into Time and Time Again in New Warriors, which I was totally reading, so, I have no idea.