Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We don't usually post press releases, but...

Good friend of the blog Sean T. Collins has unveiled the new digital HQ of his awesome web comic tour de force Destructor! Hopefully we're gonna be speaking to STC himself later in the week all about the Destructive One, but in the mean time, check out our man's origin of the concept here, his official PR below, and a spot of fan art from myself and Rickey following that...


November 29, 2010 - Writer Sean T. Collins and cartoonist Matt Wiegle are pleased to unveil DestructorComics.com, the home of their new webcomic series DESTRUCTOR.

Set in a science-fiction-fantasy world that becomes all the more dangerous the second the title character sets foot in it, DESTRUCTOR is the story of the titular tyrant -- an armor-clad immigrant to the sprawling Alpha System who rises to unimaginable power with the help of his brutal Mob of allies. Destructor and his world were first conceived by Sean when he was in third grade, 24 years ago. Ever since -- in copious notes, in crude drawings, and in his head -- he has developed and expanded the story, with the entire arc of Destructor's career as a criminal and conqueror mapped out.

Now that career has been brought to life by Matt Wiegle, 2010 Ignatz Award winner for Promising New Talent. A fan of Matt's ever since he first saw his comics in the school paper while the two attended college together, Sean is thrilled to see the people and places he's known for all these years appear before him, more vividly than he ever imagined, thanks to Matt's bold, thoughtful art.

DestructorComics.com is launching with two previously published DESTRUCTOR stories, "Destructor Comes to Croc-Town" and "Destructor in: Prison Break." Originally seen in black and white on Top Shelf Productions' Top Shelf 2.0 webcomics portal and in the anthologies Elfworld (Family Style) and Murder (Partyka), the strips will be republished in full color for the very first time. New pages, freshly colored by Matt Wiegle, will be posted every Monday and Thursday. And upon the conclusion of "Prison Break," a series of all-new, never-before-seen, full-color DESTRUCTOR adventures will be serialized on the site.

Incorporating influences from Robert E. Howard and He-Man to Fort Thunder and Boards of Canada, DESTRUCTOR is an ongoing adventure-saga exploration of action and spectacle, violence and camaraderie, loneliness and anger.

About the authors:

Sean T. Collins has written about comics and popular culture professionally since 2001 for such publications as Maxim, The Comics Journal, Wizard, A&F Quarterly, Comic Book Resources, Giant, ToyFare, The Onion News Network, and The Comics Reporter. His comics have been published by Top Shelf, Partyka, and Family Style. He has lived on Long Island since 1978, with his wife and their cats since 2002, and with Destructor and his world since 1986. He blogs daily at Attentiondeficitdisorderly and regularly at Robot 6. Email him or follow him on Twitter.

Matt Wiegle lives in Brooklyn and draws things. He is responsible for the minicomics Ayaje’s Wives, Seven More Days of Not Getting Eaten and Is it Bacon? He was presented with the 2010 “Promising New Talent” Ignatz Award for his story “The Orphan Baiter,” which can be found in Papercutter #13. Email him or follow him on Twitter.

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