Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pimping My Stuff: Place to Be Nation

If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you may have noticed of late I've been tossing a lot of links to a new site called Place to Be Nation. I've been listening to the pro wrestling-focused podcast of the same name for a few months now and quickly became a fan, not merely because it's a better way to spend my commute then staring at downtown Newark, but because it's a great show. Scott Criscuolo and Justin Rozzero have done a tremendous job creating a consistently entertaining piece of business and developing an impressive fan following along the way, building it into a community. They provide insightful and humorous insight into the past and present of wrestling and conduct some of the better interviews I've heard.

Needless to say when Justin reached out to me and let me know they'd be expanding their efforts into web site form, I was eager to join up. It may seem a bit odd that somebody who spends every day running a fairly involved entertainment web site would want to also devote a portion of his free time to an endeavor like this, but as evidenced by this blog and other outlets I've used in the past, I love writing and collaboration, and when there are avenues beyond the one I'm lucky to have professionally, it's a treat for me to get to spout off about things I love.

So while I have no plans to discontinue my ramblings here, you'll also notice a lot of my thoughts on wrestling and TV in particular migrating over to The first two pieces I was a part of have gone up already, one which kicks off a regular wrestling list feature called The Five Count with a round table discussion of the most wasted WWE title reigns of all-time, plus me chatting with Justin and his pal Jen about one of my favorite topics: boy bands.

In conclusion, if you were concerned you weren't getting enough Ben Morse via and The Cool Kids Table, you've now got even more via Place to Be Nation, plus a boatload of other great columnists and writers to boot. Truly we live in a golden age.

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