Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Programming Note: Sean & Megan Watch Game of Thrones

With a heavy heart, I must report that the hit Cool Kids Table column "Sean & Megan Watch Game of Thrones" will not be returning for a second season at this time. Having recently become a full-time registered nurse in the NICU at [hospital name redacted], Megan cites increased professional pressure and resultant decreased free time as forcing her to give up her responsibilities.

"Why are you bothering me, Dance Moms is on," Megan said when asked to comment for this announcement.

Fortunately, you can still catch the illustrious Sean "Mr." T. Collins' thoughts on Game of Thrones at the Rolling Stone web site as well as MTV.com.

Will this feature return? Megan says if there is fan demand she will "consider coming back, but probably not."

Good night, and good luck.