Wednesday, October 26, 2011

90's Animated X-Men: Where are they now?

While I grew up in the Blue and Gold era of the X-Men and tended to follow Adjectiveless mostly because Fabian Nicieza wrote it and Andy Kubert drew it, I never really acknowledged Psylocke as a true member of the team and constantly wondered where Storm, Jean Grey and Jean Grey's ponytail were. Why? Because the core team on the 90's Animated Series were my X-Men.

And while Morph was on that roster for a sec before getting destroyed (can't say killed) to the degree that even Sinister's science couldn't cure the bags under his eyes and Cable guest-starred enough to seem like he was legit, I only truly acknowledge the X-Men who had their own rad name sequences during the theme song montage (including Wolverine in his underwear and Beast reading a book).

That means Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Gambit, Beast, Jubilee, Jean Grey (no code name) and Professor X with blue lines radiating out of his head.

With the X-Men getting a new line-up and because I was feeling a bit nostalgic, I figured I'd do a quick visual check-in on the gang...

Dammit, Cyclops! Why can't you get along with anybody/keep your pants on/prevent Jubilee from becoming a vampire?!

Oh well, at least he and Storm are still getting along...

Also, here's Gambit

Things will be fine if you guys just support each other...

...right, Morph?


Andrew said...

Nice. I always did love those animated series of the 90s. This one and Batman were my favorites. Spiderman was just sort of all over the place. Iron man was only a season or two and Superman just sucked as an animated series. Good to know someone still remembers the good stuff.

RBC Online Banking said...

Seems like they could make some great shows now that computers are so common that animation can be done somewhat more cheaply.

Suntrust Online said...

This cartoon didn't hold up all that well...

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