Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Art Attack: December 2011's Coolest Covers

-Ragman has a costume that must be really fun for artists to spin their take on. I'd love to see it done different ways, and animated style is a great start.

-When Joe Madureira said he was having fun drawing Moloids, I had no idea how much!

-Patrick Gleason does a sick job making Batman images that are striking as well as terrifying.

-Ben Oliver is really catching my eye as of late. That's a fresh take on the classic "Batman's costume framing him" shot that's appropriate for Batwing.

-Francesco Francavilla can do no wrong. It's not just his art, but his composition that is dynamite.

-I like Stanley Lau's stuff a lot more when he tones down the painting and just draws.

-Clayton Crain's Carnage USA covers are nightmare-inducing. He and Pat Gleason need to battle.

-Francis Manapul's Flash cover is busy in the right way given who he's drawing.

-What the heck is Li'l Depressed Boy?

-Kaare Andrews is hitting a whole new stride with his Ultimate Comics work.

-How was I to know that Rafael Grampa drawing Uncanny X-Force was what was missing in my life?

-Venom as wallpaper? Nicely done, Tony Moore.

THE ALL-NEW BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #14 by Rick Burchett & Dan Davis
ANGEL & FAITH #5 by Rebekah Isaacs
ANIMAL MAN #4 by Travel Foreman
AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #2 by Joe Madureira
BATMAN AND ROBIN #4 by Patrick Gleason
BATWING #4 by Ben Oliver
CAPTAIN AMERICA & BUCKY #625 by Francesco Francavilla
CAPTAIN ATOM #4 by Stanley Lau
CARNAGE U.S.A. by Clayton Crain
DAREDEVIL #7 by Paolo Rivera
DEADPOOLMAX 2 #3 by Kyle Baker
THE FLASH #4 by Francis Manapul
THE GOON #37 by Eric Powell
iZOMBIE #20 by Mike Allred
JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #632 by Stephanie Hans
THE LAST BATTLE #1 by Dan Brereton
THE LI'L DEPRESSED BOY #9 by Steve Rolston
STORMWATCH #4 by Chris Burnham
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS #4 by Frazer Irving
UNCANNY X-FORCE #18 by Esad Ribic
UNCANNY X-FORCE #19 by Rafael Grampa
VENGEANCE #6 by Gabrielle Dell'Otto
VENOM #11 by Tony Moore
VILLAINS FOR HIRE #1 by Rodolfo Migliari
WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #3 by Chris Bachalo
X-CLUB #1 by Nick Bradshaw
X-FACTOR #228 by David Yardin


JimmyGlenn711 said...

Great picks. Tony Moore and Patrick Gleason are consistently solid artists that amaze me.

I LOVE Clayton Crane on covers, but his interiors on X-Force were kinda too much at times.

When did Joe Mad come back? I thought he was done after Ultimates 3... I sure was. (zing?) In any event I am glad he's back, his art is cool.

That Uncanny X-Force cover is amazing.

Finally, idk what Lil' Depressed Boy is but I am pretty sure it annoys me.

Ben Morse said...

Joe Mad is back drawing Avenging Spider-Man, which is basically a modern day Marvel Team-Up written by Zeb Weels. Gonna be rad.

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