Thursday, June 16, 2011

Art Attack: September 2011's Coolest Covers

-Had like ten more covers originally, but cut it down to at least a semi-manageable visual number. Good month for art, y'all.

-Still not sure how I feel about Superman's new look(s), but Rags Morales knows how to create a striking image. Glad to have him back on a regular super hero book!

-That Animal Man cover by Travel Foreman sure as heck got my attention.

-I am not anticipating a bad Daredevil cover any time soon.

-Steve McNiven got Steve Rogers' face pitch perfect for Fear Itself--great "acting" work.

-My favorite touch on the Generation Hope cover by Rodin Esquejo: Velocidad displaying his powers in a neat visual way.

-Hercules in a Spider-Man costume should not work. It does. I want that action figure.

-Cover artist of the Month? Patrick Zircher. Good take on a classic set-up with Mystery Men, creepy Kingpin variation on Amazing Spider-Girl.

-What IS that thing holding Dani Moonstar on David Lafuente's New Mutants cover? Love it!

-That Scalped cover by Jock is darn clever.

-Kaare Andrews Ultimate Comics Ultimates cover is my current desktop background.

ABE SAPIEN: THE DEVIL DOES NOT JEST #1 by Francesco FrancavillaACTION COMICS #1 by Rags MoralesAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #670 by Humberto RamosANIMAL MAN #1 by Travel ForemanBUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON NINE #1 by Georges JeantyDAKEN: DARK WOLVERINE #14 by Giuseppe CamuncoliDAREDEVIL #3 by Paolo RiveraDAREDEVIL #4 by Marcos MartinDARK HORSE PRESENTS #4 by Geof DarrowFEAR AGENT #31 by Tony MooreFEAR ITSELF #6 by Steve McNivenGENERATION HOPE #11 by Rodin EsquejoGREEN LANTERN CORPS #1 by Doug MahnkeHELLBLAZER #183 by Simon BisleyHERC #7 by Carlo PagulayanIRON MAN 2.0 #9 by Salvador LarrocaJOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #627 by Stephanie HansMEN OF WAR #1 by Viktor KalvachevMYSTERY MEN #5 by Patrick ZircherNEW AVENGERS #16 by Mike DeodatoNEW MUTANTS #30 by David LafuenteOMAC #1 by Keith GiffenRED SKULL #3 by David AjaSCALPED #53 by JockSPIDER-ISLAND: AMAZING SPIDER-GIRL #2 by Patrick ZircherSPIDER-ISLAND: DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU #2 by Sebastian FiumaraSWEET TOOTH #25 by Jeff LemireULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #2 by Kaare AndrewsTHE UNWRITTEN #29 by Yuko ShimizoX-23 #14 by Kalman Andrasofsky