Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Art Attack: July 2011's Coolest Covers

-Dale Eaglesham draws a great Puck, but the real beauty of that Alpha Flight cover is the upside down maple leaf as the light through a window (that sentence was heartfelt, but still somehow hilarious to me as I read it back).

-My man Paolo Rivera snags cover artist of the month honors this go around by showing his versatility with two completely contrasting pieces that both incorporate clever side bits. His Amazing Spider-Man cover is in his lush painted style with a playful take on the title placement while his Daredevil employs the more traditional drawn style he'll be using on that series but with the clever little touch of DD taunting us by using his own billy club as a blindfold--love it.

-If there's one thing I've learned compiling these each month, it's that Batman seems to just bring out the best in artists. Whether it's Chris Burnham having him kick English schoolgirls in the face or that striking David Finch traditional pose, the character consistently shines through. And look at Red Hood's head exploding on Guillem March's Batman and Robin!

-Speaking of characters bringing it this month, digging Neal Adams' classic take on Captain America as well as Olivier Coipel's gritty version, as well as Marcos Martin's mischievous Daredevil (have I mentioned that book is going to be amazing?).

-Fantastic Four #1 almost always makes for a great homage, but using Frankenstein and Howard the Duck? Thank you Michael Kaluta.

-Black Bolt has one of the best costume designs ever, Mark Bagley knows how to create beautiful pin-ups--'Nuff Said.

-Did you really think there wouldn't be at least one Dave Johnson cover here?

-Kevin Nowlan's Flashpoint: The Outsider cover is just so weird I can't help but like it.

-I believe the minimalist approach Salva Epsin took on Generation Hope will really pop on the stands.

-Thank you Tony Moore for keeping the streak of rad Venom covers alive.

ALPHA FLIGHT #2 by Dale EagleshamAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #665 by Paolo RiveraAMERICAN VAMPIRE #17 by Rafael AlbuquerqueBATMAN AND ROBIN #25 by Guillem MarchBATMAN BEYOND #7 by Dustin NguyenBATMAN INCORPORATED #9 by Chris BurnhamBATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #4 by David FinchCAPTAIN AMERICA #1 by Neal AdamsCAPTAIN AMERICA #1 by Olivier CoipelDAREDEVIL #1 by Marcos MartinDAREDEVIL #1 by Paolo RiveraDARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER - THE BATTLE OF TULL #1 by Michael LarkFEAR ITSELF: DEADPOOL #2 by Ryan StegmanFEAR ITSELF: FEARSOME FOUR #2 by Michael KalutaFF #6 by Mark BagleyFLASHPOINT: BATMAN - KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE #2 by Dave JonhsonFLASHPOINT: DEADMAN AND THE FLYING GRAYSONS #2 by Cliff ChiangFLASHPOINT: THE OUTSIDER #2 by Kevin NowlanGENERATION HOPE #9 by Salva EspinHELLBLAZER #281 by Simon BisleyINVINCIBLE IRON MAN #506 by Salvador LarrocaRED SKULL #1 by David AjaUNCANNY X-FORCE #12 by Esad RibicUNCANNY X-FORCE: FEAR ITSELF #1 by Simone BianchiVENOM #5 by Tony Moore


Tom B said...

So one day Cameron Stewart turned into Chris Burnham.

Ben Morse said...

Oops, made a mistake. Corrected. Thanks for the snarky comment.

PrincePanda said...

Yeah, I don't understand the Internet's need to be snarky when you can just be polite.

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