Friday, October 29, 2010

Linko! LXIII

* It's Halloween weekend, children! While we'll doubtlessly be doing our regular silly costumed adventures this weekend, but for those of y'all that fall closer to the horror hound end of the holiday spectrum, I've got two killer links to kick off this weekend with. First up, be sure to check out our boy Sean T. Collins' latest creepy comic collaboration with artist Isaac Moylan: "I Remember When The Monsters Started Coming For The Cars."

* And on the other side of the spectrum, read our pal o' pals Justin Aclin's latest short story from his "S.H.O.O.T. First" comic series: "The House That Ate Halloween" at Robot 6. While you're at it, you'll want to see the entire Robot 666 series of spooky posts from this week.

* With that friendly plugging for people I know out of the way, let me be the 8,000th person to tell you that you really should read Shannon K. Garrity's "Ten Things To Know About The Future Of Comics." It's not a piece I can agree with 100% (what is?) and trying to analyze it point by point is kind of useless as I doubt I have any harder evidence to back up my ideas on where certain parts of the market are going, but as a pot-stirrer and conversation starter, it doesn't get much better than that column.

* Speaking of which, the best response I've seen Garrity's piece spur is Douglas Wolk's "Ten Things To Fear About The Future Of Comics" – same general thoughts I had on the above link apply.

* Best non-opinion comics writing I read on the internet this week? This solid Hope Larson interview by Suzette Chan at Sequential Tart. Larson is a cartoonist who's very open about her creative ideas and ambitions, and the questions here about the sense of place in her work really open her up to expound on her goals.

* Speaking of cartoonist's adept at talking about their own work in a revealing way, this Chip Kidd interview with "Doonesbury" creator Garry Trudeau in Rolling Stone on the 40th anniversary of that venerable newspaper strip is pretty much can't miss (and, I should note, one of like 734 profiles of Trudeau that've hit this should really just put his name in Google News).

* I was looking for some free audio software this week and stubled upon a program called ComicBookLover that purports to be the perfect system for reading digital comics – and when they say "digital comics" I'm almost certain what they really mean is "comics you've downloaded illegally." Anyway, it was super interesting to me that this product exists. Has anyone ever heard of it being used?

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